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New Students & Beginners


You’re in the right place

The beauty of yoga is that it’s about making it your own and meeting and greeting your body exactly where it’s at. The beauty of Vitality Yoga Flow is that all levels are welcome. There is no reason to feel intimidated here because we’ll guide and inspire you through this journey.

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Teacher Training


The most experiential training ever

‘Know Thyself’ is the journey of the yoga practice and SELF awareness is what yoga provides.
As instructors, or to deepen your own practice, this training will support ourselves and others on their transformational journey.  Find your voice as a teacher!

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Warm Vinyasa Flow - Classes for Beginners to Seasoned Yogis!

Welcome to Vitality Yoga Flow
A physical experience  + A mental, spiritual and energetic cleanse

At Vitality Yoga you will find a warm and welcoming community that loves to practice yoga together!
From beginners to seasoned yogis –  we breathe, sweat, stretch and release tension, becoming flexible, strong, compassionate folks.