The Master’s Path


with Maggie Heinzel-Neel

Saturday February 27, 6-8pm

The Masters Path and the GREAT DISCUSSION will begin with a Meridian Yin/Qigong yoga class exploring the Tibetan Book of Living and Dying. Throughout the class the teachings and concepts will be woven in, followed by a communal discussion.

The Masters Path is for yogis (of any level) who would like to dive deeper into teachings and practices that have a profound affect on our energy body, creating a noticable difference in our emotional stability.

According to Taoism and Traditional Chinese medicine, each season has a specific energy that relates to our organs, emotions, and consciousness. When we design our practices with these specific seasonal energies, we start to live more harmoniously with the natural world around us and feel more grounded. We see how the food we eat, the clothing we wear and the activities we do shift due to the season. Our practices should reflect this as well so we aren’t working against the grain, but flowing with it.

Each season will include:

Weekly classes:
Maggie’s Meridian Flow and Sacred Sunday mindfulness classes both live and virtually as well as Michael Gould’s Kundalini Flow. A recording will be emailed to you if you missed us.

Meridian Yin + Qigong: 
The Meridian Yin classes are a combination of yin yoga, qigong and traditional Chinese Medicine/Taoism. This is an essential class to sooth and nourish the nervous system. The Taoist teachings focus on the 5 elements that correspond to the 5 seasons (spring, early summer, late summer, autumn and winter) that resonate with specific organs energetically. The practices are designed to stimulate the organs in energetic high tide. We will contemplate the emotions and virtues that are prevalent, as well as the spirit (or consciousness) that governs the current season. We will apply these teachings to our personal lives through guided observation, contemplation and meditation.

Weekly 30-minute Emotional Hygiene:
A combination of deep clearing breath work, yoga and qigong will create clarity and energy efficiency.

(5 Seasonal Saturdays per year) 

The seasonal ‘Great Discussion
Meets virtually and in the studio one Saturday evening in each of the 5 seasons. We begin with a yoga class that weaves in teachings from ancient and contemporary texts to observe and contemplate.  After the class we will discuss the teachings over a light vegan meal and explore as a community how they relate to our lives collectively. As previously stated, we will begin with The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying by Sogyal Rinpoche.

Seasonal Qi Infusion: 
Each season we come together (live or virtually) for a special Saturday workshop to practice together both a Kundalini flow and a Meridian Flow that are designed for that season. We will learn the 5 elemental philosophy according to Traditional Chinese Medicine which focuses on organs that are energetically in ‘high tide’. In addition, The Masters Path includes seasonal poses, sequences, qigong practices, and kundalini kriyas that are most beneficial for the energy of that season. We are co-existing with the natural world by opening the meridians (energy pathways) that are running strong so we can live in ease according to the season. The practices in the winter are different from the practices in the summer, as the energy of the seasons are very different.

*For Yoga teachers: The ‘Masters Path with the Teachers Inner Circle’. An additional benefit for the teaching community! The Teachers Inner Circle is a Zoom class taught by all of the teachers in the Inner Circle. We teach each other different aspects of yoga, qigong, kundalini, incorporating what we avoid teaching and what we’re inspired to teach. The art of weaving in dharma broadens our teachings and keeps our classes fresh and inspired. We will all be giving each other feedback, both positive and constructive upgrades, to keep growing as teachers and to be a support for each other. 
This is a gold mine of growth for all of us! 

Masters Path Payment options: 
~ $3000/year (saving $750 from the seasonal payment plan) use this link: 
*those with a Vitatlity unlimited membership, receive 30% discount with promo code: VitalMember30 

~ Per Season: $750 per season (5 seasons, 10 weeks per season) use this link:
*those with a Vitatlity unlimited membership, receive 30% discount with promo code: VitalMember30