Seasonal Energy Booster January 15+16 Weekend

Each season has a pair of organs that are energetically in ‘high tide’.

In the winter we work with the energies of the Kidneys and Bladder.

Inhale up the KIDNEY MERIDIAN: Exhale down the BLADDER MERIDIAN

When we work with these energies we can shift the prevalent emotion of FEAR in the kidneys to WILLPOWER and ENDURANCE.


11:30-1:30 Kundalini to stimulate the LUNG energy with Michael

1:30-2: Vegan LUNCH included!! by Michael Gould

2-4 Meridian Flow Transform your grief into benevolence and be of service towards others with Maggie


11:45-1:45: The Wisdom of YIN exploring the Yoga Sutras while holding gentle poses followed with journaling and discussion with Maggie

Join us LIVE in studio, or VIRTUALLY! $40/workshop

Costa Rica Yoga Retreat!

Feb 26- March 4 2022 with Maggie

Come enjoy 6 days on an amazing yoga retreat in Nosara Costa Rica. We’ll be on one of the coolest beach front property’s, blissing out practicing daily yoga with Maggie in a state of the art yoga pavilion. The retreat is all-inclusive, we’ll start each day with an Meridian Flow Vinyasa morning practice and a Yin/Qigong practice each afternoon. Then stroll out to the beach to play in the waves under the most incredible sunsets. It’s a truly magical place.

Three delicious healthy meals are served to us under the palms. This is a vacation that will relax you in a profound way through the daily yoga, meditation and sublime environment and rejuvenate you to come back home and be the next best version of yourself. 

Check out the location of where we will be here:

The Master’s Path


with Maggie Heinzel-Neel

The Masters Path is for yogis (of any level) who would like to dive deeper into teachings and practices that have a profound affect on our energy body, creating a noticable difference in our emotional stability.

According to Taoism and Traditional Chinese medicine, each season has a specific energy that relates to our organs, emotions, and consciousness. When we design our practices with these specific seasonal energies, we start to live more harmoniously with the natural world around us and feel more grounded. We see how the food we eat, the clothing we wear and the activities we do shift due to the season. Our practices should reflect this as well so we aren’t working against the grain, but flowing with it.

Each season will include:

Weekly classes:
An unlimited membership of Vitality Yoga’s classes, both in-studio and virtual classes is included in the Master’s Path. We are specifically focusing on the Meridian Flow, Meridian Elixir and the Kundalini Flow as these are classes that include specific energy modalities that have a profound healing effect on our chronic ailments. A recording will be emailed to you if you missed us.

(5 Seasonal Saturdays per year) 

The seasonal ‘Great Discussion
Meets virtually and in the studio one Saturday evening in each of the 5 seasons. We begin with a yoga class that weaves in teachings from ancient and contemporary texts to observe and contemplate.  After the class we will discuss the teachings over a light vegan meal and explore as a community how they relate to our lives collectively. As previously stated, we will begin with The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying by Sogyal Rinpoche.

Seasonal Energy Booster: 
Each season we come together (live or virtually) for a special Saturday workshop to practice together both a Kundalini flow and a Meridian Flow that are designed for that season. We will learn the 5 elemental philosophy according to Traditional Chinese Medicine which focuses on organs that are energetically in ‘high tide’. In addition, The Master’s Path includes seasonal poses, sequences, qigong practices, and kundalini kriyas that are most beneficial for the energy of that season. We are co-existing with the natural world by opening the meridians (energy pathways) that are running strong so we can live in ease according to the season. The practices in the winter are different from the practices in the summer, as the energy of the seasons are very different.

*For Yoga teachers: The ‘Masters Path with the Teachers Inner Circle’. An additional benefit for the teaching community! The Teachers Inner Circle is a Zoom class taught by all of the teachers in the Inner Circle. We teach each other different aspects of yoga, qigong, kundalini, incorporating what we avoid teaching and what we’re inspired to teach. The art of weaving in dharma broadens our teachings and keeps our classes fresh and inspired. We will all be giving each other feedback, both positive and constructive upgrades, to keep growing as teachers and to be a support for each other. 
This is a gold mine of growth for all of us! 

Masters Path Payment options: 
~ $1800/year (saving $450 from the seasonal payment plan) use this link: 

~ Per Season: $450 per season (5 seasons, 10 weeks per season) use this link:


January 14-16

April 8-10

June 3-5

August 19-21

September 30-Oct 2