“I am here now.”
Those words, these words! How very deep yet simple they are.

I am here now echoed in my mind, coming from somewhere deep within me. As I sat outside the Yoga Studio about to start a new journey, I was keenly aware this ‘voice’ is a sense of wholeness yet not entirely ‘me’ all at once. A spiritual assurance, I am here now. I feel at peace.

As a mother says to her crying baby, ‘Shh, I am here now, It’s okay’ a total wrap in love, comfort and assurance: I am.


I am is a meditation I have used for years. As Wayne Dyer says, “My circumstances do not make me what I am, they reveal who I have chosen to be.” I like to think of this in terms of being in the moment, being as I am-not as I have been, not as I will be. It is a state that can be reached with a sense of total acceptance and awareness that all is exactly as it is meant to be.

A total wrap in love, comfort and assurance.

Here, now. Here is the only place we need to be, the only place we can be, yet many times the most difficult place to find.

I am here now, I say to you in a most literal way. I am here now weekly, to share with you the transformation stories that are born at Vitality Yoga. Our weekly blog will focus on notions of Inner Freedom. Inner Freedom is not found when trying to find it, or trying to practice it. Owner, Maggie Heinzel-Neel says, “It needs no qualifying verb as Inner Freedom itself is the power that its name suggests.”

I chose Vitality Yoga to embark on this journey very consciously. I’ve spent 18 years practicing yoga from Long Island up through Rockland County to New Paltz. Yoga has been my soul mate through college, marriage and motherhood. During prenatal shifts, awkward years, tough decisions, injuries, emotionally challenging times and more. Yet still, something profound and remarkable awoke when I found Vitality Yoga studio.

My daughter’s loved their kids class after being resistant to ‘this thing mommy does.’  I have reached higher levels of physical endurance, mental clarity and spiritual enlightenment exponentially with each class I’ve attended. Most importantly, Maggie and her fellow teachers are able to reach the intersection of these three pieces in what I feel was intended by the ancient teachers who have passed on this practice; in the noblest way.  It was the feeling that this studio is something special that the storyteller in me begged to share, and here is where that will happen.

With yoga, one embarks on a practice of reaching, stretching, focus, meditation and balance but in a very directed way and all to arrive right back in the now-yet miraculously, in an entirely renewed way. It is these stories we will illuminate in the new blog, Inner Freedom.


Om Shanti