Calling All New Yogis!

Why Practice Vitality Yoga?…

The beauty of Vitality Yoga is that all levels are welcome

Our students come to increase their strength and flexibilityget a greatworkoutincrease their energy and to feel calm, centered and grounded

There is no reason to feel intimidated here because we’ll guide and inspire you through this journey…

So check out our new yogi special! 5 yoga intro lessons for $25 to be used within 14 days of your first class.

New Yogis Only Please

Kiki Hjeltnes reviewed Vitality Yoga – 5 Stars – “From the minute I walk through the door, I breathe deeper, I set an intention for my day, I work harder, I relax more, I think of others, I care for myself and I value the care given out by the instructors. We are so lucky to have this studio in New Paltz. There is something unique for everyone.”

Alexandra Toots Birnkrant reviewed Vitality Yoga – 5 Stars – “I try to make a class everyday. I adore every teacher and love each and every class. The most amazing thing is how Vitality Yoga has changed my life. I have more energy and my back and ankle injuries are so improved, it is just amazing. I can not say enough positive things about this place. I feel blessed to be able to walk into the studio each day. Best part of my day!”

Jacqueline Fifield reviewed Vitality Yoga – 5 Stars – “I had taken some yoga classes at different studios in the past, and wasn’t really into it, but taking beginner classes with Lana has totally changed my opinion and now I’m LOVING it! I’ve been going to Vitality once or twice a week for a few weeks now, and practicing on my own every day.”

You’re in the right place…

The beauty of yoga is that it’s about making it your own and meeting and greeting your body exactly where it’s at. 

The beauty of Vitality Yoga Flow is that all levels are welcome. 

There is no reason to feel intimidated here because we’ll guide and inspire you through this journey.

Our students come to us at all stages of their practice—from those who have never been on a mat to those who have been practicing for years. 

And although all of our instructors are experienced with working with brand new students, we also have offerings specifically tailored to new students. 

Wonderful classes that open your body and your life to this amazing practice, with no intimidation.

Many people say that they’re not flexible enough to do yoga, but that’s precisely why they need to do it. (I was the least flexible person in class for years!)

The following are a few things beginners should know about Vitality:

We have mats available for you to use.

Wear comfortable workout clothing.

You’ll be barefoot.

Bring a water bottle and a towel (Not required, but recommended).

Make it your own. Don’t worry about what the person on the mat next to you is doing.

Although beginners can and do attend any of our yoga intro lessons, the following are the very best options for absolute beginners:

Yoga Basics; a regular ‘class-style’ held 3x per week. Low to no heat.

Slow Flow; a milder version of our popular ‘Vitality Flow’ class (Heated and unheated options available).

Alignment Flow; a slow flow that focuses on proper alignment so we feel the relaxed effort rather than stressing our joints.