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  • Know Thyself is the journey of the yoga practice and SELF awareness is what yoga provides. As instructors, we assist others on their transformational journey.  This gives our lives purpose knowing that we’re guiding others to the blissful freedom that has shifted our lives so profoundly.
  • Personally experience the ancient philosophical teachings of the Bhagavad Gita and the Yoga Sutras by mirroring our lives through group discussion, journaling and deep inner observation to find freedom from our obstacles in life.
  • Weaving it together: Combine the physical asana practice with the deeper layers of the energetic body, working with the chakras (energy centers) through breath, meditation and written exercises. Anatomy will be systematically taught through the map of the chakras and learned experientially throughout the extensive yoga practice. Anatomical illustrations will be taught by a professional illustrator (no artistry expertise required).
  • Learn to teach by finding our voice in small increments.  Teach each other in partners, small groups, give and receive feed back, and refine it until we’re confident to teach to a group class with grace and ease.
  • Journey In to the Self is a form of deep inner work, so that even if you don’t plan to be a yoga teacher, this will prepare you to share yoga with anyone; friends, family and/or clients.
  • Upon completion you will be a CERTIFIED YOGA TEACHER able to register with Yoga Alliance at the 200 hour level.

  Autumn/Winter 2020-21 Six Month Schedule:

2 weekends per month 11:30-4pm both Saturday + Sunday’s

Sept: 12-13, 26-27

Oct: 10-11, 24-25

Nov: 7-8, 21-22

Dec: 5-6, 19-20

Jan: 9-10, 23-24

Feb: 6-7, 13-14, 21-21

 Early Bird Special save $350 by 6/1/20!

$3500/ $3000 for yearly members

Summer Intensive Teacher Training 2020

This training meets 4 afternoons a week for 7 weeks:

June 22- August 7 2020

Monday 11:30-4, Tuesday, Thursday + Friday 1-5pm

Early Bird SPECIAL: Save $350 with a deposit by 5/1/20

$3500/$3000 yearly members

  (payment plans available, please email:

Feedback from graduates:

“The teacher training was an incredible opportunity for me to grow as a person emotionally, physically and spiritually. Strangely I was drawn into the challenge of a training like this amidst the chaos of my everyday life. This community of yogis and incredible teachers helped me find a place of balance that has led me on a truly transformational journey. I am forever grateful.”

This yoga teacher training was transformational for my life. I grew inwardly the strength to be able to share outwardly through teaching yoga. I grew in confidence through facing fears. I was supported in a safe space well I grew and messed up and tried new things. I’m very thankful for this teacher training that was available in New Paltz for our community. Maggie, Michael and Preston led us in a somatic journey through the Gita, the chakras, the Yamas and Niyamas gracefully. The adjustment practice and teachings created all strong and alert yoga teachers.”

This has been such a widening experience for me. The teachings were challenging and the self reflection was really deepening. The questions and journal writing helped to direct such beautiful reflections and the ongoing nature of it was cleansing and leveling for me. I found both Maggie and Michael very understanding, loving and yet disciplined with firmness. I found my way into a daily practice and personal discipline that I didn’t think was possible with my busy life. Maggie and Michael are so amazing and held us on our path of discovery so well.”

This teacher training has been life-changing for me. Through it I have gained so much insight into yoga and the beauty of it and it will be a continued part of my life. Everyone has been so supportive and loving. My personal journey has been given more depth and freedom. I loved it. Thank you. Maggie and Michael have been such wonderful teachers.”

During the teacher training I created a daily practice of yoga, meditation and journaling that allowed me to find balance in my life and to take care of my needs in order to be the best version of myself. The spiritual teachings opened my eyes to so much depth and possibility that I feel as if my life has taken on a new trajectory. I was able to overcome obstacles and fears with the support and love from Maggie and Michael and all of the other teacher trainees.”

What teacher training experience was for me: An unexpected, transformative journey. A safe environment to meet my learning challenges and expand my knowledge about yoga. A special view into the self, opportunity to observe the self non-judgmentally. One of the most supportive and open groups of students and teachers learning together. A place to connect into an energy higher than ourselves to allow it to teach and guide.”