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Warm Vitality Flow

A Vinyasa Flow in a 90 degree room for all levels who have some yoga experience. This class will make you feel amazing after a deep sweat and a physical, emotional and energetic cleanse. You’ll gain flexibility and strength and leave with a profound sense of well being. Your life will improve greatly with this class!

Slow Flow

A slow guided Vinyasa flow that is suitable for all levels from beginners to advanced. Precise alignment cues will guide you to safely move from one pose to the next. Poses will be held to sink into the stretch, providing strength and flexibility and a profound release of tension held in body and mind. Deep breath work and meditation will be incorporated throughout the class you leaving you calm, centered and grounded.

Yoga Basics

This class is perfect for all levels, even those new to yoga- even the least flexible! Come learn the foundations of yoga poses to relieve stress and body aches, breathing techniques for calmness, and basic meditation to quiet the mind.

Elixer: Dynamic Flow & Restore

A temperate class (75 degrees) that includes the ultimate combination of a dynamic flow that will clear the body of emotional and physical tension, including options to try out arm balances and inversions, then surrender into a series of yin poses (deep passive stretching) with a luxurious restorative ending.

Yoga Spa

A series of Yin yoga poses will open the body into a soft stretch followed by restorative postures to allow the body to sink into a deep nourishing state of relaxation. The entire class will be guided with meditations, breathing techniques and aromatherapy essential oils that will sweetly draw you into deeper states of consciousness.

Meridian Flow Yoga

Meridian Flow Yoga is the meeting of yoga and Chinese Medicine where we will learn how to discipline our minds and bodies by exploring the energy channels called meridians through asana (yoga poses) and deep pranayama (breath work). This practice will train our minds to become very focused which allows us to feel ‘Zen’; clear, calm and centered. This is especially effective for relieving anxiety, scattered brain, tension, and many chronic physical ailments. The disciplined mind is a happy calm centered mind, the disciplined body is healthy and vibrant. Come learn how to achieve both.
  • Alignment Flow

  • So often in flow classes our alignment takes the back seat. This class helps us refine the alignment in poses, focusing on individual body parts, so we can move and stay in poses safely. This class is suitable for beginners to advanced students.
  • Core Flow

    Your core holds a treasure trove of passion, creativity, gut wisdom and when strong, helps us feel centered and spacious. Unfortunately there is often lots of taboo around this area. It is also a place where we hold shame, insecurities, and internalize our stress. In this class, you will start to build a new relationship to your core. Bring sensation and compassion to this vulnerable area, giving it the attention it needs for you to live from gut instinct. This is a Forrest Yoga-inspired class. Forrest Yoga is known for it’s attention to deep breathing and unique and deep abdominal work which is crucial for supporting your spine and building self-confidence. In this class, you will 100% feel your core in new ways and use that connection to create lightness in your poses and your life. Come, sweat, embrace your belly! ALL LEVELS WELCOME

    Sacred Sunday Flow

    This slow flow will be held with reverence as we’ll be dedicating our practice for the benefit for others.  10% of the profits will be donated to Women for Women International, supporting women and their families in war torn countries. We will breathe deep with them in mind and sweat, stretch and flow with long holds in poses to sink in deeply.  Slow flow doesn’t mean ‘easy’ flow, as it is more challenging to go slow, but much safer, therefore suitable for all levels.

    Warm Yin

    Enjoy long held passive poses in a cozy warm room, that will provide a deep stretch and release.  In yin yoga, we are releasing the fascia tissues as well as the muscles, where a lot of long held tension resides (our issues are held in our tissues!).  This class is so good for the nervous system as we learn to stay and hold poses, release stress, breathe deeply and find a serene inner peace.  

    Acro Yoga Class

    AcroYoga is a partner yoga practice with a base, who is lying on their back, and a flyer, who is supported by the base’s hands and/or feet. You will leave with enough knowledge to take the practice home in a safe and enjoyable manner. This weekly class is designed to set a solid foundation that incorporates yoga asana, strength training partner exercises, basic flying, and thai massage. Come as you are, with OR without a partner.