Meridian Flow Yoga Program

meridian flow yoga

~For chronic pain, anxiety and autoimmune disorders~

Led by Maggie Heinzel-Neel E-RYT 500 in Zen Yoga+Qigong

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Anxiety, chronic pain, chronic fatigue and auto-immune disease deserve attention not to ‘manage’, but transform.
Break free from the discouragement of doctors saying ‘there isn’t much we can do except manage it.’
There are so many of us experiencing isolation from feeling chronic anxiety, joint pain, digestive issues, grief and stress that it’ll only get worse.

What to expect from participation in this group:

  • A safe private space to learn about how to relieve anxiety, chronic pain and stiffness through Meridian Flow Yoga and Qigong.
  • Guided specific practices of breath work to bring your nervous system back into balance.
  • Meridian Flow Yoga and Qigong classes that are specific to the season and the organs that are in energetic high tide. These practices bring an efficient flow of healing energy and ease into our body, mind and emotions.
  • Meditations and qigong movements infused with ancient teachings that speak to the emotions and energies which are strong in that season. We will learn how we can transform these emotions to serve us, rather than deplete and drain us.

Book a call with Maggie here about transforming your life.

meridian flow yogaOutline of Meridian Flow Program:

  • 3+ Meridian Flow and Meridian Yin classes per week (virtually or in studio).
  • 5 Seasonal weekend workshops to align your energies and practices with the season so you can live in harmony with nature rather than suffering by the maladapted emotions of fear, anger, anxiety, worry and grief.
  • ‘The Great Discussion’  Each season we gather on a Saturday evening for yin yoga + group discussion class focusing on specific chosen book that will be woven into the class and discussed afterwards on how these teachings reflect in our current life.
  • Seasonal 1:1 call: A 30 minute 1:1 call to address mindset and progress.

This program is for a year, to experience all 5 seasons and the energy that is related to that season, element, organs, emotions and mindset. It can be broken down into seasons as well, each season is 10 weeks, as we are working with the 5 seasons related to Chinese Medicine.

Book a call with Maggie here about transforming your life.

What past participants have said:

Dear Maggie, I just wanted to say thank you so much for an amazing program. I have struggled with autoimmune arthritis (rheumatoid type) and fibromyalgia since the birth of my daughter 19 years ago. I have constant low to mid level pain that flares up badly whenever I get a cold or get stressed. I’ve had a lot of sadness and turmoil in my life over the past decade, throughout all of it, my joint pain has always “added insult to injury”, making me feel sad and hopeless.  Nowadays things are a lot easier for me, but I do have constant residual pain and exhaustion that sets me apart from most other healthy people. I also have celiac disease :(. I have tried every medication, from steroids to methotrexate but all the side effects are terrible. Finally I saw a rheumatologist who suggested I look into tai chi.  I decided to instead develop a yoga practice and go on an antioxidant rich diet.  I tried several yoga places but Vitality is the one for me. When I learned that you were offering the Meridian Flow program, I was very hopeful, because I really found that it eases my chronic pain. The Meridian Flow program has made my life better on a number of levels. I can’t describe what a relief it is to know that I can actually heal myself with the kind of practices you taught us.  I can feel a difference in my joints, in my mind and in my heart. Thank you SO MUCH. -JG

My consistent yoga practice over many years really started to turn things around with my auto immune issues, but it wasn’t until I started practicing Meridian Flow Yoga that it all came together. I knew that my symptoms of my flare-ups always started in the fall of every year. I became familiar with the concepts of traditional Chinese Medicine and the theory of the natural flow of the seasons and the elements and organs of the body that correspond to this natural flow. I realized, thanks to Maggie’s guidance, that the fall season corresponds to the metal element, the lungs, large intestine, and the skin!!! Breathwork up and down the meridians with laser-like mental focus and awareness, while moving the body in yoga poses that Maggie synchronizes with the breath and mind to physically stimulate the fascia chain around these meridians is nothing short of brilliant!  And the metal time of the year (fall) corresponds to the emotion of grief, being able to grieve adequately, process it, and ultimately to be able to let go of it. So of course the proper stimulation of these meridians to allow my qi to run smoothly will allow me to let go of my grief. I finally understood that it’s possible to sense the natural flow of nature and align with it, realize the ever-changing dynamic of yin and yang in our lives, see it and feel it in the natural world around us. Maggie teaches us tools that help us align with awareness, breath, focus, and movements with the Tao. Once we understand these tools, we can see our physical and emotional maladies as symptoms of misalignment or maladaption, and can heal ourselves. And now my rheumatologist has prescribed weening myself off of the medication that I took for so many years!!!  Thanks for giving me this chance to share my story! -MKG