300 Hour Teacher Training or Masters Path Program

The 300 hour Teacher Training and Masters Path program is a combination of an alignment based vinyasa yoga with Qigong, Kundalini Kriyas, and Chinese Medicine, which follows the 5 seasons in the Chinese Medicine calendar: spring, early summer, late summer, autumn, and winter. Each season has its own emotional signature and energy. This “energy signature” relates to the organs that are in energetic ‘high tide’ during a given season. 

Both the Masters Path and 300hr TT follow the 5 seasons and include:

  • Weekly classes of Meridian Flow and Kundalini flow yoga
  • Seasonal weekends of workshops to balance the energy of the organs
  • Seasonal GREAT DISCUSSIONS to practice and discuss the teachings in community.

The emotions we suffer from are part of the natural flow of the seasons that affect everything in nature. We all feel them, we’re not alone, so we’ve built a community of yogis and yoga teachers to learn with, be inspired by, and elevate each other.

Many of our students who suffer from chronic anxiety, pain, and autoimmune issues agree that nothing works like this practice to relieve their symptoms. Several, with their physicians’ approval, have reduced their medications after consistent practice.

We meet one weekend during each of the 5 seasons according to Traditional Chinese Medicine, which is about every 10 weeks. Weekly Meridian Flow and Kundalini classes are part of the training as well as a ‘Teachers Inner Circle” as we rotate practice teaching and implementing these techniques into our classes, giving each other feedback and support to grow as teachers in community.

  • In the SPRING, our sequences stimulate the liver and gallbladder meridians, working with the emotions of anger while cultivating an even calm disposition.
  • In the EARLY SUMMER, we work with the energies of the heart and small intestine. During this exciting season we choose poses that soothe anxiety and manic behavior, which shows up when the energies are maladapted. We use sequences and techniques that calm us and cultivate peace and joy, known as the virtues of the heart.
  • During the LATE SUMMER, the stomach and spleen energies and the emotions of worry and doubt are energetically running strong. We choose poses that stimulate the meridians of these organs to help the energy run efficiently, allowing us to tap into trust and abundance. This soothes the worried mind that leads to ulcers and digestive problems. 
  • In the AUTUMN, the lungs and large intestine are energetically in ‘high tide’ which leads to grief and sadness. Practicing pranayama for the lungs, we shift grief into integrity, which is the virtue of the autumn season. 
  • In the WINTER, the kidneys and bladder are front and center. The kidneys hold the emotion of fear when the energy is maladapted and the virtue of will power when running efficiently. We bring more Qi into our kidneys to cultivate our endurance, resulting in strength and confidence.

Inhale up the spleen meridian ~ Exhale down the stomach meridian

Breathing through the meridians, the energy pathways, is an ancient QiGong technique that guides our energy with our mind and breath. Each season we learn the meridians of the organs in energetic ‘high tide’ and incorporate them into our practice.

Each weekend will provide a plethora of new material to incorporate into your classes, in that specific season. And because it will be every other month, the trainees will create a strong supportive teaching community to share ideas with, be inspired by, problem-solve, and grow together as strong multi-faceted yoga teachers.

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Here is what some graduates of the 300 Hour Teacher Training have to say:

“This training has been the most comprehensive training I have ever done. I have grown personally and professionally from this amazing journey. I have done other trainings and nothing compared to this. I have learned so much and I can’t wait to bring this all to my students. I am forever grateful.”

“Mind Blowing~ Body Blowing~ Spirit Blowing! The training has surpassed any hopes that I had in my heart 2 years ago. Maggie and Michael’s authenticity, deep knowledge and their ability to share this has been inspirational and actually life-altering.”

“This training has been so deeply profound. Life-changing, life-enhancing. This training has opened doors deep within my heart and soul. Michael and Maggie are amazing teachers!”

Schedule: 2021

August 20-23

October 1-3


January 14-16

April 8-10

June 3-5

August 19-21

September 30-Oct 2

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