Vitality’s Summer Intensive and Fall/Winter 200 Hour Teacher Training is a comprehensive training that will deepen your practice, expand your awareness and create a vast amount of freedom in your mind and body! 

Interested in this transformative experience? Deepen your practice and create freedom in your body and mind through this transformative training. Schedule a call with Maggie our Director of Teaching to learn more.

Think of it as an adult summer camp immersed in YOGA! So many folks take yoga teacher training with no intention of ever teaching yoga, but as an immersion to deepen their practice, and as a bonus, get the benefit of learning how to teach it well and share this healing practice with others.

This training is a deep dive into your psyche to broaden your awareness, which creates so much inner FREEDOM! Many of our students comment on how this training has gotten them in great shape, made them nicer people, improved their relationships, and gave them a clear path to accomplish their DHARMA, (life’s purpose).


Get your MIND + BODY

in amazing shape!


Strong ~ Flexible

Calm ~ Centered


SAVE $350 when you register and a payment plan is available, or pay in full before June 1st.

Start looking forward to a life-changing experience with the community. Walk away from our summer intensive training with a flexible strong body, a newfound awareness, a profound understanding of the ancient teachings and how they reflect in our lives, and opportunities on how and where to share this healing practice!✨


If you are interested or have any questions, feel free to reach out! We are so excited and can’t wait to meet you on the mat🙏

4.9 out of 5.0 stars

31 reviews from the Yoga Alliance

Hi, I am Maggie Heinzel-Neel

Owner of VItality Yoga and Director of the 200 + 300 hour Teacher Trainings

What’s unique about our classes at Vitality Yoga is that we get the whole range of experiences, an excellent physical workout, precise instructions on the alignment of the poses, time at beginning and end for quiet contemplation, a focus on the breath both within the poses, spiritual reflection, personal psychology, and deep relaxation.

As a recent student said, “this practice is like going to the gym, church and therapy in one hour!”

All that in an atmosphere of inclusivity, warmth, affection for the students, humor at times, and an ability to direct a class towards students who have been practicing or even teaching for many years while still being suitable for a beginner.

We teach to all.